From Spark to Blaze (The Poem)! Are You Ready?

There she sat.
Where she always has.
Head buried in the things to do
Afraid to look up.
Life was dealt.
And she accepted the hand.
Only to discover.
It was no winner.
Tossed to and fro
To the rhythm of others’ expectations
Only to find emptiness.
For something more.
It pays good they say
You’ll be living the Dream they say.
Only to find living eyes closed
Always leads to a dark dead end.
In the darkness.
the light Unto my path
And the lamp unto my feet.
The spark.
That once flickered out.
Leading you down the path familiar
The life of Regular, normal And routine.
But no longer complacent.
A match in need of oxygen.
To spark the flame.
You sit here.
In quarantine.
With a chance to breathe.
In oxygen.
To strike that spark.
To spark that flame.
To Flame that Blaze.
To Blaze that Trail.
The matchbox before you.
Oxygen aplenty.
Asking the question.
Will you grab the match?
Take the first strike.
Christen its strip.
Give it a life.
Direct it from left to right.
And spark her flame.
So she can.
spark her Blaze.
And finally.
Blaze her trail.

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What an incredibly beautiful poem! I love it!!!!!

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