Work with Me

Sometimes, we need a little nudge. Sometimes, we need a big push. Sometimes, we need to be challenged, other times encouraged. With Najah Drakes as your Coach, you will find your number 1 supporter. Her empathetic, yet data-driven approach will grab your hand and heart as you both travel towards the purpose destined for you. Najah offers both individual and group coaching, in-person (post-Corona) and virtually. 

I help women stop settling for where they currently find themselves and develop actionable plans to achieve the purposeful, meaningful life they desire. I have helped women:

Better prioritize their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being;

Get unstuck professionally or personally;

Develop an actionable plan to pursue a professional or personal pivot;

Start or grow a new business, passion, or side-hustle;

Reduce the overwhelm of their current demands and responsibilities;

Make life changes when unsure how or where to start;

Better invest in and take care of themselves;

Start writing a book;

Dream again and develop a plan to bring those dreams into reality;

Start prioritizing and making progress in the areas of life most important to them.

I'd be honored to work alongside you to bring your vision into focus, your mindset into alignment with your vision, and your pursuits into balance with your priorities. Getting started is easy. Simply, schedule a free, no-pressure, discovery call below to determine if I am the right person to help you accomplish your goals.

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